Flannel – Done!

Ugh. UGH. The McCall’s 6613 flannel shirt saga is over. Finished! Way back in November. I am just now getting pictures in spring. Ignore the kayak in the bottom of the frame. Don’t judge me.

I learned a lot making this shirt, and will apply it to the next one (I haven’t cut it out yet, but I have this lovely black and white cotton check shirting waiting for meeeeee.)

The shirt in and of itself is done, and overall, I’m really pleased with it. But, I’ll pick up where I left off.

Since I had already graded the seams at the shoulders and the yoke, I had to be really careful taking the seams out. Not to mention that I did beautiful top stitching with a triple stitch. I also haven’t filled my new glasses prescription, so I can’t see anything. Ahem.

I had enough fabric to recut the back yoke, and I had to recut the button bands, too, as long as I pieced them. That didn’t turn out too badly (I love using my pinking shears as a grading tool).

I was able to get the rest of the shirt put together, minus the cuffs, collar, and bands in one evening. I double and triple checked to make sure that everything was going in the right way. It was pretty funny, especially since I had my Adele Pandora station going. Croon away about rolling in the deep and then swear about the sleeve cap not easing in properly. (I put in my sleeves flat, not in the round. It’s easier for me, and I learned to do it that way from putting sleeves in hand knit sweaters.)

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve put on traditional woven cuffs, bands, and a collar on a shirt. The directions were pretty clear, and totally clever. I ended up having to put another pleat into the sleeve for it to fit into the cuff. I don’t like gathers in this kind of shirt, and the pleat blends in with the rest of the shirt.

I think I put the button bands in wrong, because the collar stand ended up being too short by the button bands. I just put a piece of velvet ribbon over it and called it done. I flat felled the arm and side seams, and edge stitched the bands and cuffs.

Yeaahh…. I’m glad that the flannel is patterned and hides a lot of the stitching. Flat felled seams only work when there’s enough fabric in the seam to stitch over. I will hand stitch down the cuff and bands next time. I will figure out the damn button bands. I will actually hem the bottom in the correct direction.


The pearl part of the snaps were easy to put in. Next time, I’ll do it flat, instead of on my bed as I watch knitting video podcasts.



All in all, not my best work, but I’m really happy with how my schlumping around the house and keeping me warm when I’m wrangling goats shirt turned out. The next one – it’ll be even more awesome.