Cobalt Blue for Me!

It’s obvious from the following pictures that I finished this way back in the fall, and am just now getting to blogging about this dress.

Every fall and spring, the fabric store for which I work has a fashion show in coordination with the fashion shows. We each get one of the Pantone colors, and then make something. I picked this dress because it was simple, I liked the interesting lines, and I wouldn’t have to do a lot of fitting. It’s Vogue 1312.


I cut the largest size, a 24, without any modifications. The fabric is an 18 whale corduroy in 100% cottony, about 3.5 yards and I used a blue batiste to fully line the top. I put an invisible zipper in the side, but I can easily slip it on over my head. I serged the edges to keep the corduroy nurdles down.

Yeah, it’s wrinkled. I wore it to work and ran out to take pictures while there was light. So far, it’s worn wonderfully, washed great, and was comfortable this winter with the cold weather. We’ll see how it does when it gets really hot this summer.

The best part? The twirl factor is seriously excellent. I plan on making another one in white denim, with really colorful embroidery, and not adding the lowest skirt layer on – the plan is just to extend the first skirt panels by about 3 inches so I can wear it with leggings.


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