A Whale of A Tale

Hur. Hur. Yes, yes I did.

We got these kits in at work from Cantik Batiks, so of course, ignoring the budget and my Firm Resolve to complete ten projects  before buying another yard of fabric – I bought two. The first one is In Sync.

The directions are really very clear. This is the first applique quilt that I’ve done.  I used the fabric included in the kit, and traced the pieces onto a double sided fusible interfacing. I pressed the large pieced together, and because the kind I used can be picked up and moved until pressed, I was able to get the parts mostly where they were supposed to go.


I used a clear applique foot to sew down the pieces in the applique. I used a mutlicolored embroidery thread around all the pieces that aren’t white. For the white, I used a kind of pearly color. You can’t tell here, but you can really see the glimmer when the light hits it.

I backed it with muslin, and then echo quilted around the whale tails. I put in an invisible zipper, using the left overs from the quilt to piece the back. This is intended to be a wall hanging, but I don’t have enough space for that in my house, so I made it into a pillow case. I still need to make the pillow form for it, since it’s an odd size (22″ x 41″). I plan on using ticking, mostly poly batting with feather on the outer parts to make it super soft.


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