I want one in every color

Let’s play catch up. My local fabric store had a large haul of knit remnants come in early in the summer, and along with a huge pattern sale at JoAnn’s, I bought enough material to make summer dresses for work. Dresses are easy for me because they are a whole outfit, and I like to sew them. I used Butterick 5837 for the top

I love the back on it – it’s still modest enough I can wear it at work, but is a little interesting to look at. I cut the first top in a 22, and it’s a bit big – you can see my bra in the underarms. I didn’t use the skirt pattern – after looking at it, I saw that it’s just two rectangles. I just serged up the side of the motif, and kind of gathered and sewed it on.

In hindsight, I wish I had tacked down the self lining as it has a tendency to ride. I may go back and do that, if I think of it. I had originally planned to make this a maxi dress, but the print was too long for a second repeat, and I don’t regularly wear 5” heels.

I love the elephant print on this dress. I kept the little bit of left over to use as shirt bands on another project. I cut the top in the same size, but brought the arm hole up an inch. I also tacked down the self lining, and put in a small band of elastic at the waist to support the skirt. I used my coverstitch machine to finish the hem.

This dress is like carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It fills a gap in my summer and winter wardrobe.

I used this tutorial to sew in the lining – very clear, very easy, and totally tidy.

I’m a kinetic and visual learning, so all of these youtube videos are super helpful.


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